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Bank Style Vault Doors built by IEFCo.

Here are some of the optional vault door designs we have built for customers. Select a Bank Vault Door, Blast Door, Secure Room Door, Valuable Room Door we have already built for your Wine Room, Theater Room, Themed Room, Man Cave, Restaurant and Bar or have us recreate a door you have designed or from your favorite photo. These doors are great for any secure room or a fun theme decorative door in your home, restaurant, bar or business.

Rectangle Bank Style Vault Doors

      Bank style vault door for secure rooms, your home or office     Bank style vault door for secure rooms, your home or office                          

    See a working video                                                 See a working video                                                     Copper Accents

Round Bank Style Vault Doors


 The Watermark, Baton Rouge, LA     See a working video                                               Vision Bank, St. Louis Park, MN


 These vintage bank style vault doors are perfect for any room whether you are looking for the security or the look in your home or office. They work great as a theme door for a business. Perfect for a Safe Room, Secure Room, Party Room, TV Room, Wine Cellar or even your bedroom.


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