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Happy Thanksgiving from IEFCo. 0

Industrial Evolution Furniture Co. wants to wish everyone a amazing Thanksgiving holiday. We are thankful for all of our amazing customers who have trusted us to create their one of a kind piece for their home and business throughout the year. We look forward to creating more for them or even the first piece of our new customers. Thank you again for making Industrial Evolution Furniture Co. the number one Industrial style furniture manufacture in the country.
IEFCo's Mosler Vault Door Replica

IEFCo's Mosler Vault Door Replica 0

IEFCo's most recent endeavor...a Mosler Vault Door for the Wampold Companies newest Hotel in Baton Rouge, LA. The Watermark, a 144 room hotel in the former Louisiana National Bank building, built in the 1920's for the bank. Staying with the originality of the bank and all of Wampold's details, keeps with the bank's unique history. IEFCo was commissioned to build a replica Mosler Vault Door that would have been found at the entrance to the bank's main Vault. The vault is now a conference room with the door built into the back wall of the room, but a main focal point as you walk into the room. After a three day trip, IEFCo's creators had the door installed and the display was ready for The Watermark's grand opening on October 21, 2016. Visit Industrial Evolution Furniture Co.

Hurricane Matthew 0

Hurricane Matthew has come and gone for Industrial Evolution Furniture Co. and production nor shipping of our Industrial Style furniture was effected. Everything is still meeting our projected timelines. IEFCo would like to thank all of our previous and current customers and welcome all of our new customers.
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Brookstone 0

Industrial Evolution Furniture Co. is very proud to announce that Brookstone has invited us to join their team and offer our products in their online stores. We are working out the details and should have our products in their store soon.